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College Program

ABOUT THe Organization

My name is Mackenzie Snuggs and I interned at Walt Disney World in Spring 2020. 

The Walt Disney Company was founded on October 16th, 1923. The Company has had an oversized impact on the entertainment industry and now is one of the largest media companies in the world.

Mission Statement: "To be one of the World's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services, and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and relative products in the world."



During my College Program, I worked Quick Service Food and Beverage at the Wilderness Lodge at Roaring Fork. Responsibilities and Job Qualifications for this position include taking orders, operating a point-of-sale system (POS register), cash handling, fulfilling orders, food preparation, bussing, general cleaning, stocking items and keeping inventory. Cast Members working at all of the Quick Service locations, either indoors or outdoors, also interact with guests every day by sharing information, answering questions and providing great guest service. Cast Members may prepare, handle, and serve food products including but not limited to meat, meat products, pork, shellfish, egg, dairy, gluten, soy, and nut products. Some qualifications for the job include previous cashier experience, restaurant industry experience, and full availability for any shift.

During the program, we do have to pay for housing. They deduct the amount for housing out of your paycheck each week which is convenient since you don't have to worry about paying them each week.



I have learned so much from my program. I learned about how complex the food and beverage industry is and how much work goes into making the food that is served is safe. Every four hours during the day we did a change over to make sure the food is kept fresh. This is called TPHC which stands for Time Public Health Control. Items that are included in the TPHC expire after four hours One of the biggest achievements I got during work was a cast recognition. I got noticed by a guest for going above and beyond to help them. They then posted it on a Walt Disney World page on Twitter and my leader saw and then wrote me a Cast Recognition. Below is a photograph of my Leader and I and also the Cast Recognition I got.

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